Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Bell

Head of School

Mr S Dhokia

Deputy Head of School

Miss C McDougall

Deputy Head of School

Mr M Poole

Assistant Head of School

Mr M Rose

Assistant Head of School

Mrs L Stewart

Assistant Head of School

Miss R Atkinson

Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Year Team Leaders

Mrs L Murphy

Year 7 YTL

Mrs A Lamberth

Year 7 YTL

Mr R Onions

Year 8 YTL

Miss N Spencer

Year 9 YTL

Miss J Weekes

Year 9 YTL

Mr G Gallagher

Year 10 YTL

Miss C Roe

Year 11 YTL

Teaching Staff


Name Role Subject
J Richardson Head of Faculty English
H Michell Deputy Head of English – Maternity English
P Davidson Deputy Head of English (Maternity Cover) English
A Gungah Deputy Head of English (Maternity Cover) English
G Gallagher Pastoral Lead – Year 8 English
J Hammond English
Z Hassan English
R Lonnon English
S Pegg English
L Stewart Assistant Head English


Name Role Subject
N PatelCurriculum Team Leader of MathsMaths
A KingDeputy Head of MathsMaths
E HookDeputy Head of MathsMaths
N RheederMaths
M de WitMaths
F ColacoMaths
M Retkoceri-ZagragjaHomework Club LeaderMaths


Name Role Subject
J Cronin Head of Faculty Science
G Harbach Deputy Head of Science Science
I Frankish Science
A Jacob Science
J Kamara Science
R Karena Science
N Pandey Science
P Patel Science
I Shehzadi Science
D Ahmed Science
T Davison Technician Science
H Seeley Technician Science

Design Technology

Name Role Subject
S Richardson Head of Faculty – Maternity DT
C Paramu-Field Acting Head of Faculty (Maternity Cover) & Head of Food Technology Food
A Boosey Technician Art and DT
T Creasey Technician DT
T Stevens Technician Textiles
M Retkoceri-Zagragja Textiles

MFL, Computer Science and Business Studies

Name Role Subject
H McCabe Acting Head of Faculty – MFL, Computer Science and Business Studies Geography
M Leon MFL
J Pinto MFL
P Turner MFL
M Poole Assistant Head MFL
E Sanniez Head of Computer Science/Lead on CEIAG Computer Science
B Ghaffar Lead on More & Most Able Computer Science
S Dhokia Deputy Head Business
S Rahman Subject Lead – Business Business Studies


Name Role Subject
S Carlyle Head of Faculty History
H McCabe Deputy Head of Humanities Geography
D Rice History
S Webster History
E Wilson History
A Lamberth Year Team Lead (Y7) Geography
L Murphy Year Team Lead (Y7) Geography
C Roe Year Team Lead (Y10) Geography

Performing and Visual Arts

Name Role Subject
H Claringbull Head of Faculty Music
M Constantine Music
Y Chawla Head of Dance Dance
K Le Marquand Head of Drama Drama
C Watkins PSHE Lead Drama
C McDougall Deputy Head Music
L Rasic Head of Art Art
R Santiago Art/Graphics

Physical Education

Name Role Subject
D Smith Head of Faculty/Head of Construction PE
K Jennings Deputy Head of PE PE
R Onions Year Team Lead (Y8) PE
K San Emeterio PE
N Spencer Year Team Lead (Y9) PE
M Rose Assistant Head PE
J Weekes Year Team Lead (Y9) PE
S Howick PE

Social Sciences

Name Role Subject
R Banthorpe Head of Faculty Religious Studies & Psychology
A Ellis Religious Studies & Sociology, Child Development.
R Bailey Religious Studies

Support Staff

Learning Support

Name Role
H Sheridan High Level Teaching Assistant
T De Paiva Teaching Assistant
A Hall Teaching Assistant
J Priddy Teaching Assistant
M Lane Teaching Assistant
O Bennett Teaching Assistant
L Seymour Teaching Assistant
A Bibby SEN Administrative Support
L Wheeler Teaching Assistant

Student Support Advisor - SSA

Name Role
J Schofield Pastoral Manager
M Oleksy Student Support Advisor
R Hammond Student Support Advisor
A Panielik Student Support Advisor

Cross-Curriculum Teacher

Name Role
S Kaid Cross-Curriculum Teacher
I Kelly-Burge Cross-Curriculum Teacher
S Morley Cross-Curriculum Teacher
M Retkoceri-Zagragja Cross-Curriculum Teacher

Other Support Staff

D BurnhamAdmin Assistant
Name Role
C Camburn Head of School’s PA
C Eve Health and Safety Administrator
A Harman Administration Team Lead
T Hutton Data Manager
C Love Exams and Administration Officer
J McIntyre Reprographics Officer
M Rushmer Site Assistant
L Searle Attendance Officer
J Shaw Administration Assistant
E Frank Administration Assistant