Pastoral Organisation

In order to ensure students receive the best possible support whilst at school, we have a very strong pastoral support system, combining Form Tutors, a Pastoral Lead for each year group and Pastoral Manager to provide outstanding care for every single student.

Year 6/7 Transition and Mentoring

It can be a daunting journey for students going from Year 6 to Year 7, so we have a dedicated Transition Lead to help support the journey from primary to secondary and once in Year 7, each year group has a Pastoral Lead and a Progress Lead who work with that year group throughout their lives at The Magna Carta School.  The Pastoral Lead manages behaviour, attendance and well-being while the Progress Lead tracks academic progress to help every student improve and achieve the best possible grades within school.

The House System

Our Houses were introduced in 2006 and the system was re-invigorated during the Summer term of 2013. This included students taking ownership of their House brand and giving the upper and lower schools a deeper sense of identity and belonging. This revamp was driven in consultation with the Student Council through Student Voice. The system went from strength to strength during the 2013/14 school year and it will be bigger and better on an ongoing basis.

The House structure ensures each student feels a sense of pride and ownership across the school community, as well as promoting a sense of belonging and safety, in which each student develops their self-confidence. Each of the four Houses promotes a clear identity and students are actively encouraged to involve themselves in a wide and extensive range of House activities, e.g. Inter-House sporting activities and charity events.

The school is broken down in to four Houses; Abbey, Bridge, Magna and Thames, all of which are represented on the school badge. Students are placed in a House when they join the school and remain in the same House until they leave. Each House has House Captains (Senior Prefects) and a member of staff who coordinates the Inter-House activities.

The House system brings with it two major benefits. It allows pastoral care from Year 7 to 11 through dedicated staff and peer support with many opportunities for students to take positions of responsibility. It also has many competitions which allow everyone the opportunity to take part in an event or activity; contributing to their additional learning and having fun in the process.

Frequent House assemblies, conducted by the staff Lead on Inter-House activities, contain a wide range of themes aimed at inspiring and educating students. The assemblies always aim to recognise positive achievements by students throughout the school, and regular prize draws take place to promote good attendance and behaviour.

For more information, see the notice board in the St Paul’s playground, or ask Mr Crossley or your House Captain. They’ll be sure to help!