Our school is a safe, caring and happy place where each day offers new challenges that allow us to flourish and achieve our best. We enjoy the opportunity to take responsibility and feel a sense of achievement for our successes, which are valued and celebrated.

We work co-operatively with others to challenge ourselves and set aspirational goals. This enhances our learning and allows us to develop our strengths and qualities to the full.

We believe in equal opportunities and we are expected to participate in a wide variety of learning opportunities to the very best of our ability. These are designed to improve our knowledge, skills and understanding.

We recognise the importance of life-long learning in this fast-changing and competitive world and we look forward to taking our experiences from school onto the next phase of our lives, knowing we are well prepared and eager to face new challenges.

We consider self-respect and consideration for others as valuable life behaviours. Our commitment to close partnership with the community will ensure that we aspire to be responsible members of society, knowing the difference between right and wrong. As a result, our confidence grows, allowing us to develop positive self-images.