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Maths Week


You may have heard the rumours about the Maths teachers waltzing around the school in their highly fashionable and trend-setting Maths Week T-shirts, designed by our very own competition winner, Grace Ingham (Year 7). Well done Grace!

Maths Week 2014 provided an excellent opportunity for students from Years 7 to 9 to discuss, share, learn and appreciate Maths in the world around us! Maths week aims to enlighten students on a range of topics including: ‘Understanding your pay slip’, ‘Tax and National Insurance’, ‘Internet scams’, ‘Legally binding contracts’, ‘Budgeting and Expenditure’, ‘Opening a bank account’ and much more.

It was fantastic to see so many students get involved with the wide range of competitions, run by the Maths team, which included: Script writing, Spot the Maths, Multiplication Challenge and last but not least the Count down Challenge with our very own Nick Hewer, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent hosting the show! 

The cross-curricular link for Maths Week this year was a script writing competition, which required students to draw from their knowledge of Maths, English & Drama. Eight entries made it through to the final judging stage. Some of the comments from the judges included "real life context", "imaginative", "captures family life", "cross-curricular", "positive" and "interesting". These entries were from Danni Shilling & Ava Draycott-Fry, Liam Murphy, Sammy Green, Mansi Pratheepan, Ali Moortasa, Katie Clark, Fern Hayler & Liburn Popova.

All of these students will receive Vivos for their efforts. After careful consideration, joint first place was awarded to Mansi Pratheepan and Liam Murphy. Joint runners-up were Sammy Green, Danni Shilling & Ava Draycott-Fry. Well done to all these students!

Students were enthusiastic about taking part and sharing their own experiences, and lessons across the whole week were very well received. Well done to all students who contributed to making Maths Week 2014 a great success. We look forward to Maths Week 2015!

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