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Why celebrating Anti-Bullying Week, it is so important to us - Ella Poppy Williams


This year Anti-Bullying Week was from the 13th to the 17th of November.

Anti-bullying Week is an annual event in the UK on the third week of every November, which helps to raise awareness in children and young adults, about bullying at school, online and anywhere else. The focus is on how to prevent bullying and to stand up to bullies. It is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA). It first started in 2004. Each year there is a different phrase attached to the week. Last year the theme was ‘Power for Good’ and this year the phrase is ‘All different, all equal’.

What does ‘All different all equal’ mean?

The theme ‘All different, all equal" means that it is every person's right to be treated fairly and the same as everyone else. Every person on this earth has rights no matter who they are, where they live, their religion, boy or girl, colour, culture or if they have a disability. Everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter what.

What has The Magna Carta School done this year for Anti-Bullying Week?

The Magna Carta School has done a lot to help raise awareness for anti-bullying this week:

  • This week we have had assemblies given by the Anti-Bullying and Wellbeing Ambassadors about the seriousness of bullying and what it can lead to.
  • The annual Anti-Bullying Rock Concert by the Year 9 and 10 Music students and a special performance from Shauna Germain.
  • The bake sale on Tuesday lunchtime in M5 which was a big hit.
  • And this year our school took part in the odd socks day on the Friday. Lots of colourful socks were worn Friday.

We are looking forward in taking part in the Anti-Bullying Week next year.

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