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‘All different, all equal’; Anti bullying Week 2017 by Brooke Beard


Last week was Anti-Bullying Week. We ambassadors were hard at work organizing and carrying out various events and assemblies to raise awareness of bullying.

All week, we had the assemblies. These took two weeks of planning and last minute edits to get perfectly right. On Monday was the Year 11s, who gave feedback saying they had seen the video we played a THOUSAND times. So, we quickly changed this to a music video by Macklemore (Same Love) which gave a very strong message that being gay is ok; also getting many of our viewers emotional.

The rest of the assemblies went well, but, the computer restarted in the middle of the Year 7 one! Luckily, the amazing tech team (Alex and Ryan Adams) saved the day and recovered smoothly.

On Tuesday, various events took place. The day started with a Year 7 screening of 'Homophobia: our closeted education' and followed with a cake sale. 

The cake sale was phenomenal. We were just a few slices away from completely selling out and the contributions were incredible. We had rainbow cupcakes, a giant cake, brownies, cookies and donuts; all supplied by the ambassadors and staff.

In the afternoon, the Year 7s were further treated with a rock concert. This also was a great way to end the day. The performers had the kids on their feet, swaying their torches and singing along the whole way through.

On Wednesday there was a revolution tour performance for Year 8s and 9s. The company were so professional and talented that many viewers were in tears. Everyone left the theatre feeling more aware and educated.

Thursday was our rest day, but Friday was odd sock day! We had stripes and spots, black and white, green and blue and every other combination! Both staff and students got involved and everyone had a laugh doing so.

While these events were taking place, we also had quite an increase on people reporting bullying incidents. Anti-bullying week has encouraged people to be up standers and take the first step into making the school a bully-free zone. Thank you to all those who have had the courage to report bullying incidents, you are all superheroes!   

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