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Painshill Park Year 7: Team work, Den building and Map skills


On the 20th of October we went to Painshill Park. When we arrived we got split up into 4 or 5 groups then we set off. The first thing we did was think of a group name: we were called sky hop cookies. Next, we were given a map and a compass and we had to mark out the grid references - that was quite hard, then we had to go and find 10 triangles.

So off we went and we got lost straight away, we went the complete opposite way to everyone else! Eventually we found our first triangle and we stamped it on the sheet. We started walking up a massive hill trying to find a lake then after about five minutes of walking we found it but to get to the lake we had to sprint down the massive hill; that was fun! After about 15 minutes of walking we found 3 more triangles. When we were going to get our fourth triangle, we saw a different group spying on us so we quickly got the stamp and ran. 20 minutes later we got 8 out of 9 and realized that we had 2 minutes to get to the castle so we sprinted up the massive hill and we made it! We were waiting for our lead to come so we were comparing our answers with other groups. Then eventually we went for lunch.

After about 30 minutes of lunch we went to our next activity: den building. As a group we decided that we would join up with the other group and make a massive den. We got our base sticks and tied them up to the trees. Then we started to place all our sticks on our main logs. I collected the moss to fill the gaps.

At the end of the day I found it amazing that I had made lots of friends and I learned lots of new things.         

Isla - Year 7

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