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Painshill Park: Gothic Temples and Crystal Bridges


On Thursday the 19th of October was a fun day for Bridge House as it was their turn to go on the first trip for the new Year 7 and to get the chance to make our House Team first. There were lots of different and fun activities such as Den building which was fun up until the point they told us that we are all going in our dens for a picture and then had a bucket of water chucked on top of our den!

The orienteering was really fun as it was nice to walk the whole way around the park. It really did make us competitive when our teacher told us that we only had five minutes to get back to the bus from the other side of the park. It has also very exciting when they told us they were filming a new BBC television program and we saw horses with armour.

The land marks were really pretty there was: a gothic temple, a Turkish tent, a crystal bridge, a castle and a Chinese bridge with lots of triangles.

Over all it was a really fun and exciting day out full of laughter and hard work.

Josh - Year 7

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