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Prefects, Induction Day and Grey coats- On being Head Boy… Sam, Year 11


Since finding out about the possibility of becoming a Head Boy, it became one of my main targets to achieve before I left school. Now, here I am. For sure, it wasn’t an easy ride and some of the steps that I had to take to get to this position, such as presenting assemblies in front of my peers, were far from my comfort zone, however I gained valuable experience from these activities that I can take in to life after school.

Within a couple of weeks of achieving the position, my first challenge was to help with the parent induction who had Year 7s joining in September. I had to ensure that prefects were where we needed them and everyone was assigned to a task. As well as this, I was at the front reception, along with the other grey coats, answering questions that the parents had and helping them with anything we could. I would consider it a successful evening and I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction you gain out of helping people. This was no exception.

The next responsibility came after exams and Enrichment Week had finished- the achievement awards assemblies. It was great to see the range of talent that we saw during the week from the different year groups- from musical and dance performances to academic awards. Then, came Thursday. It was the Year 10 achievement awards assembly. I thought it would just be like the 3 previous assemblies earlier in the week, but about 10 minutes before it was about to start, me and the Head Girl, Annie, were asked to have a speech ready for the end of the assembly. This was probably the hardest challenge that I have had to face so far as Head Boy. We scrambled around for pen and paper to start writing some notes, hoping something would come to mind. It was extremely pressurising, but I just had to switch my brain in gear, get my head down and start writing. Ultimately, what we came up with was far from ideal, but it was better than embarrassing ourselves and saying nothing. That was our last responsibility before we left for the summer.

When we came back in September, my first task, with the rest of the prefects, was to help the new Year 7s settle in. We guided them to where they needed to be to ensure they didn’t get lost and were in the right place at the right time. After their introductory assembly, I helped in the canteen, where the Year 7s set up their finger print for our cashless canteen system. Just before break time, I was then asked to tour a new student, from Year 11, around the school. That concluded a very intense, but satisfying and successful first 2 periods of the year.

About a week into the new academic year, clarification of prefect duties was given to everyone. I now officially started my weekly role as Head Boy- to check that the prefects were doing their duties.

On Monday the 18th of September, the other grey coats and I, along with Mr. Smith and Mr. Reynolds, visited Year 5s at Lyne and Longcross school. The school is expanding from an infant school to a primary school, so they were the oldest students there. We wanted to give them a taste of what secondary was like and encourage them to visit our opening evening later that week. After Mr. Reynolds and Mr Smith had spoken, they were set the challenge to make the tallest and strongest tower, using just marshmallows and spaghetti. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic and it was a great success.

My next challenge will be to make a success of our annual open evening.


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