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Year 11, OMG! Annie, Head Girl


These first few weeks have been a bit different for me. Year 11 is so important, and now I’m officially in the role of Head Girl, and I’m not going to lie, it’s a teeny bit scary.

This year I’ve been given a lot of roles and responsibilities, which most others will never have to do. Even though it’s a big change, and will take a lot of getting used to, I feel that I’m ready for it. The duties that I’ve been given are very different to the type of duties I was used to doing in Year 10. Instead of monitoring a certain area for a certain amount of time, I oversee, by going around and checking, that all the prefects are doing their duties on a certain day, my day is Monday. I must tick off or cross off if they’re doing it or not, for first duty and second duty, taking up most of my lunch that day. I don’t mind doing this duty as I’m still able to walk around and talk with my friends whilst doing it, but it’s still a big duty to do. Most people think that I get let off from doing duties, but I don’t, this part of the new role has taken a bit of getting used to, but second week in, I think I’ve got it sorted.

I also now get to spend more time with the Year 7s than most of the Year 11s. The Head Boy and I get to do work with them in tutor, we helped with their induction day and first day, as we’re slightly easier to pick out of the crowd because of our grey blazers, we’re asked more often for help or to give directions. I like the fact we are more included in their school life, as there are lots of Year 7s I know in different ways; through helping at Scouts, primary schools, neighbours, my brother’s friends, as well as my little brother himself. It’s nice to think that I’m able to keep a special eye on them all, and that they feel that they’re able to ask for help with anything, as well as just coming up and having a conversation with me. Socialising with the younger years is good, and it’s interesting to just have a chat with them that most people wouldn’t, we are just people, I’m a person that likes to socialise and loves a good chat, I don’t bite! I promise!

I know its early days yet but I feel that I’m settling into my new role as Head Girl. There are lots of changes, not just to uniform and duties, but the people I talk to and get to work with. I’ve already had the chance to do more work with Dr Janzan, visited potential new students at one of the local primary schools with Mr Reynolds, and I feel that I’ve got to know the other Head Prefect a lot better too. I’ve been in classes with Sam, the Head Boy since Year 7, but we’ve never really chatted much. Now, we’re doing a lot more work together for the school, and I feel we’ve become a good duo, working well together to help the school in many ways.

Open Evening is going to be the first major event for the school that Sam and I will be doing in our official roles as Head Boy and Head Girl. I’m nervous as we will be representing our school, but I’m hoping that my natural skill of chatting people’s ears off will work to my advantage and I’ll be able to show new parents how great our school is.

All in all, I can’t wait for the year ahead, I know it’s going to be tough, and very very busy, with Head Girl duties, GCSEs, sports commitments and so much more, but I’m going to look at it like a Year 11 challenge, and anyone that knows me will know that I like a challenge!


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