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Bunsen burners, lockers and dance - My first weeks at TMCS by Serafina, Year 7


So, I’ve just completed my third week at the Magna Carta school, which was also my third week in Year 7. It’s been very exciting. Throughout the summer holidays, I couldn’t wait for my first day at secondary school but I was quite nervous too. It’s quite different to primary school, as most people have probably heard, or know. First of all, the routines are different. At primary school, I mostly stayed in the same classroom all the time with the same teacher but now, I have lots of different classrooms and lots of different teachers. We do a lot of walking from each classroom, one day, I walked over 2km just around the school. But it’s quite fun as you feel inspired by everything around you and you get to chat with your friends in the short time it takes. Also, you get a feeling of independence: I have a locker to keep my stuff in and we’re allowed to have whatever bag or rucksack we want to carry our books etc around.

There are tons of really exciting subjects or things that we do in class that we just didn’t have in primary school. We do drama, food tech, use Bunsen burners and much more.  The other day, I used a Bunsen burner for the first time in science. It got extremely hot, 100 degrees or more. It was just so cool. My experiment started bubbling and everything!

So, the thing nearly everyone moans about is homework and yes, we get quite a lot and yes, the teachers are quite strict about it but as long as you do it on time, and put in effort, you’ll be fine. And a great thing is, if you’re good or put loads of effort into your homework, you get vivos which you can spend at the vivo shop like real money. That is half of my motivation, actually maybe a bit more, but I also just want to do well and get better. At the beginning of the term, everyone got given a very important agenda, if you forget it, you’ll get a detention, but it is very useful to write about homework, tryouts and for writing the many, many logins and passwords we get.

At lunch, I’ll probably be eating on a picnic bench or in the quad with my friends. Lunch seems a fun time and the food is really nice. Often there are queues in the cafeteria, so usually I give it a miss. It does have slightly more selection than the Carta café but the Carta café has slushies, who doesn’t love slushies.

After school, there are loads of extra-curricular clubs to join, all free. So far, I’ve tried out for the netball team and the football team and might join dance. I’ve heard about how Magna is a very sporty school and hope I’m in a few tournaments in the future.

I have made lots of new friends and we (including my old friends) all hang out on the quad at break. Trust me, you’ll hear us laughing from miles away. Ok, maybe we got lost a few times or forgot where to go but now, I pretty much know my way around and where almost everything is.

My favourite lessons… I like them all, with a few exceptions. Almost all the teachers make every lesson great fun, no matter what it is. I especially like Drama though and English and Spanish and can’t wait to do more practicals in Science. My Science lessons are actually right at the top of the tower block, I’m not sure how high it is, but from one classroom, we can literally see Stealth from Thorpe Park.

My teachers are really inspiring and fun. It’s become less scary, we are the youngest year at Magna, but I’m settling in and enjoying lessons with my friends. I’m in Bridge house, the soon-to-be winners of interhouse, look out Magna….

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