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GCSE results 2017

Exam Results

Staff and students at The Magna Carta School in Staines-upon-Thames are celebrating another year of excellent GCSE results.

The challenge of the new reformed GCSEs in English Language, Literature and Maths was embraced fully by students and staff and the results are extremely positive.

In English, 67% of students achieved the ‘standard pass’ grade of 4 and above, while 51% achieved the ‘strong pass’ grade of 5 and above. In Maths, 81% of students achieved the ‘standard pass’ grade of 4 and above, while 65% achieved the ‘strong pass’ grade of 5 and above.  New grades 4 and 5 equate to ‘old’ grade C.

Many of our students have performed at the top grades of 9-7 with 16% gaining these top grades in English Language and 27% in Maths. 11% of English Language, Literature and Maths grades were awarded the top grade 9, which is above the ‘old’ A*, and only achieved by 2% nationally.

Overall, 78% of students have achieved a pass grade (grade 4/C) in 5 or more of their subjects.

Our young people are now looking forward to the next stage of their learning at Sixth Form College or in an apprenticeship programme.

We are very proud of our students who worked so hard, focussed on their studies and achieved or exceeded their predicted grades: Particular congratulations go to Luke Gallagher, who achieved three Grade 9s, six A*s and one A; Madeleine Presgrave, with three Grade 9s, five A*s and two A grades; Ben Hunt, with two Grade 9s, one Grade 8, 6 A*s and 2 As and Callum Rai, who achieved two Grade 9s, one Grade 8, 6 A*s and one A grade.

Progress made by the following students is outstanding: Pahul Arora, Sam Maltby, Grace Rivers and Briya Sabir, who exceeded their targets by an average of two grades per subject.

Students were delighted and excited with their results commenting that ‘I feel so optimistic about my future, I can now do the courses I wanted at college’, ‘ I feel that 5 years of hard work has paid off!’ and ‘My parents are so proud of my efforts!’

Head of School, Dr Kathy Janzan said: ‘I am so proud of the achievements of our students and the results they have gained; it means they will be sure to move on to their next choice of education, following their first choice of subjects leading to University or work. We wish them the very best for their future and look forward to them visiting or contacting us with updates of their progress. To achieve these results again, this year, amidst so much change and uncertainty is particularly special. I would like to thank our excellent teachers, the supportive families and of course, the hard working students for the partnership that has been forged over the last 5 years that has ensured this success has been achieved. I would particularly like to thank the staff for their professional and assured manner in managing the changes that have taken place with the curriculum: they have gone above and beyond to ensure that the students have had the best opportunity to succeed.  This day is very special and in particular, I enjoy seeing the delight on the faces of our students as they contemplate the next stage of their lives!’

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