To support learning and progress through relevant GCSE and BTEC exams each subject has created knowledge organisers. These invaluable resources clearly identify key information, dates, quotes and terminology for topics and are designed to be used frequently in class and in home learning.

The full suite of knowledge organisers can be found on our Student Shared drive: P:\Knowledge Organisers. This folder, that all students can access in school, contains resources paid for by TMCS so cannot be uploaded to this page. All other knowledge organisers are uploaded below.

The knowledge contained on them is designed to provide a solid foundation for students to deepen their knowledge using other resources and activities. Without this foundation, students’ overall understanding may be affected. Therefore students need to truly “know” this material, regularly testing themselves on it and revising it carefully. Further advice and support with revision can be found elsewhere on our site, but your support in testing your child on the material for example is a great way to boost their progress and learning.