Home learning (homework) is an invaluable part of our curriculum at The Magna Carta School. Research has shown that spending more than two hours a night completing structured study tasks has been shown to improve attainment in a range of subjects (Institute of Education, 2012). This is supported by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) who recognise that the impact of home learning is an average of five months additional progress for students (2018).

Of course, the time students spend on home learning is an important factor given the rigour of our curriculum, but if students are to truly “Respect…Learn…Aspire…Achieve” then they should be putting in a level of effort to be truly proud of. Teachers will carefully consider the activities selected, aiming for high quality not quantity, to fully support all students to achieve through suitably challenging activities.

Some of the common home learning tasks set at The Magna Carta School are practising the skills developed in class to deepen learning, research-based study tasks or more extended enquiry tasks. Revision will be a regular feature of home learning across each school year, and further guidance on effective strategies for this can be found in the Student Planner and in the “Effective Revision” section of this website.

If no home learning task is set by the class teacher in the week then students should be using the time to develop their confidence and knowledge of the curriculum. Suggested activities for this are included in each year’s Home Learning Timetable. At the very least all students should ensure they are using their home learning time to ensure they truly know and understand every element of the knowledge organiser for each topic currently being studied across all subjects. Further information on the importance and use of knowledge organisers, as well as all knowledge organisers for all subjects, can be found in the “Knowledge Organisers” section of this website.

Home learning activities are set on Microsoft Teams, and students will also record activities in their Student Planner. Microsoft Teams will contain a copy of all resources needed. A guide to help students access their home learning on Microsoft Teams using their Office 365 account (free to all TMCS students and used across all IT-based lessons) can be found below.