At The Magna Carta School our aim is for our students to achieve their personal best and leave as well-rounded individuals who can make decisions about their future, confident that they have the knowledge and skills that they need in order to thrive during the next phase of their lives. We want them to be ready for a life beyond school – to be employable and able to participate as engaged citizens in the modern world.

Our school motto Respect…Learn…Aspire…Achieve is at the heart of everything we do.

The Year 7 and 8 curriculum is designed to introduce our students to a variety of subjects across a range of disciplines. This broad and balanced curriculum enables our students to extend their knowledge and also develop the learning and personal skills they need for success, not just in school but in their daily lives.

Throughout Years 7 & 8 students study the following subjects:

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, French, Spanish, Design and Technology (Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Graphics & Textiles), Music, Drama, Art, RS, Computing and Physical Education.

Across the curriculum there is an emphasis on developing high levels of literacy and numeracy and these two critical areas are further supported with one dedicated lesson of each per week. A love of reading is encouraged across the school, and all students spending 20 minutes a week reading through the Drop Everything and Read programme.

The Performing Arts and Technology are an entitlement all students should have throughout Years 7 and 8; these subjects are not only important disciplines in themselves, they enable students to develop their confidence, collaborative skills, imagination and creativity. Students have an hour of Music, Drama, and Technology each week.

We value the importance of students developing their confidence in sport and physical activity, promoting the enjoyment of exercise as essential for a healthy life-style. Throughout Years 7 and 8 all students have an hour of PE in mixed gender groups and an hour of games in split-gender groups. Through sport students develop their practical skills and learn the important values of teamwork, leadership and mutual respect.

The curriculum for Years 9, 10 and 11 is divided into two parts: the Core offer and the Option Choices. The Core curriculum is made up of English, Maths, Science, & Physical Education. In English students are working towards GCSEs in English Language and Literature; in Maths students will complete the GCSE Statistics Course at the end of Year 10 and GCSE Maths at the end of Year 11; in Science all students follow the Science Trilogy GSCE course.  All students study RS and Computing as discrete subjects in Year 9.

The Option Curriculum comprises a range of subjects from which students are asked to make a choice of five for Year 9 and then refine this choice to four for Years 10 and 11. The choices students make will depend on their particular areas of interest, expertise or aptitude. However all students must select at least one subject from History, Geography, French or Spanish.

Support will be available through the school during the options process to help students to decide which options to choose. Form Tutors and Subject Teachers will speak to students on an individual basis to discuss concerns or answer questions regarding choices. Information on Option subjects is presented in Year 8 assemblies.

We hold parents’ Option Information evenings in the Spring term one to introduce the options system to Year 8 parents, and a further evening in the Spring term of Year 9 to give parents guidance during the Option refinement process.

Further information about the options process and the subjects available can be found in the Option booklet, which is available to download from the curriculum area of the schools website.

PSHCE is taught on a carousel to all year groups and covers a wide variety of subject matter to further support the personal development of our students.

The structure of the curriculum:

All year groups are divided into 2 bands (Magna and Carta): each band is of equal ability but unequal in size. Magna band has five classes and Carta band has 4 classes per year group.

The core subjects (English, Maths and Science) are taught in ability sets throughout the school to ensure the pace of learning can be adapted to suit the needs of individuals. Students in Year 7 and 8 are also taught in ability sets in Humanities (History and Geography) and Languages (French and Spanish). All sets remain fluid and students can be moved between sets based on achievement, attainment and individual needs. All other subjects are taught in mixed ability classes.

Option subjects available from Year 9 onwards:

GCSE Subjects

Business Studies
Child Development
Computer Science
Food and Nutrition
Information Technology
Physical Education
Religious Studies
Resistant Materials
Biology, Chemistry, Physics can be studied from Year 10 onwards.