We believe that Design and Technology is essentially about providing opportunities for students to develop their own natural capabilities, through combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products.

As a department we put an emphasis on the word “quality” so that the products that are produced by our students are both enjoyed and respected by both themselves and others. The subjects that are taught within the Design and Technology Department are: Electronic Products, Food Technology, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Textiles Technology.

Design and Technology provides excellent opportunities for students to apply value judgements of an aesthetic, economic, moral, social, and technical nature in their designing and to existing products and their applications.

Students will use a range of communication skills, including verbal, graphical and modelling skills, to help their thinking and ability to take action in the process of designing. Design and Technology provides excellent opportunities for individual work and teamwork.

The subject has a crucial role in developing industrial partnerships where work in school can have a realistic focus by active involvement of industry in project work or by illustrating industrial processes or techniques.

Design and Technology involves a distinctive creative process that combines the intellectual with practical skills through purposeful practical activities. The creative process in which students are engaged is iterative, with the crucial parts being the user or customer of the product and the quality of the product itself.

The nature of Design and Technology at The Magna Carta School is such that it should provide opportunities for students to engage in activities that are challenging, relevant and motivating. This gives students enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of purpose, and enables them to feel that they can play a constructive role in a technological society.

All Design and Technological activities are a learning experience whereby the students’ repertoire of knowledge, skills and understanding is extended and applied in increasingly more diverse and sophisticated ways.

Mr S Watson
Head of Faculty