It is within the power of each and every school to unleash the best in teachers, day by day, month by month, year by year” – David Weston and Bridget Clay.

Continuing professional development (CPD) for our staff team is at the heart of our culture at The Magna Carta School. This helps to ensure the very best outcomes for our students thanks to a five year curriculum rich with the very best teaching and learning.

Our aim is to support and encourage every colleague to continually develop their practice. School Policies are designed to promote the very best teaching and learning whilst minimising unnecessary teacher workload. Lesson observations are ungraded to focus purely on developmental feedback, with peer observations encouraged throughout the academic year (not just during our “Open House” period of all colleagues visiting each others’ lessons across the School).

Our professional learning schedule is created by an Associate of the Teacher Development Trust and is updated annually to ensure it is responsive to the needs of our team. It is research-driven and has a number of key features of support and development:

  • High quality training, from both external providers such as PiXL but also from our own specialist teachers.
  • Faculty Development Time for subject-based professional learning.
  • Great Practitioner Training to support Recently Qualified Teachers to build on the expertise gained from their training years.
  • Professional coaching in addition to our whole school and subject-based CPD approach.
  • A Teaching and Learning Hub open to the whole staff team for more organic and personalised professional development.
  • The Qualification for Middle Leadership for aspiring and new Middle Leaders, delivered by experienced Middle and Senior Leaders from across the 2015 Learning Partnership.