At The Magna Carta School, we are committed to working with parents to secure the best educational outcomes and understand the individual needs of every child. This means that children, parents and teachers are able to have their say, be heard appropriately and have clear and efficient communications which are respectful to all parties.

If you would like to contact a member of staff, we would ask that you call reception or email Our support staff will pass this message onto the relevant member of staff. We ask that you phone to request appointments to meet with staff and do not turn up without one, in order to avoid disappointment.

During the school day, we want teachers to prioritise teaching and learning and pastoral care. They may not, therefore, be available to respond to messages or emails immediately.

Our aim is to respond to your phone call or email within 48 hours. If the query is complex then a holding phone call or email will be used within 48 hours, so that we are able to provide a full response.

In an emergency, you are advised to contact the school office directly.

Unfortunately, from time to time certain actions by a minority of parents or other stakeholders can make it very difficult for us to deal with their enquiry or concern, for example, where those actions are disrespectful, abusive or where demands are unreasonable. In which case, we may be forced to manage communications differently. Please click here for the Managing Unacceptable Behaviour from Parents or Visitors Policy.

Of course, it is our wish that all communications and interactions between staff and parents are positive ones for the benefit of the child.

Have you changed address or contact numbers? Or perhaps some medical information has changed? If so please complete the student data collection below and hand it in to the school office.