In the month of November, schools across the Country celebrate their joint vision of having a zero tolerance to bullying and embedding a strong anti-bullying culture in every day school life. Students, staff and parents stand alongside each other sharing one vision: To rid our society of bullies. There is the need to encourage each other to be an upstander; to speak up; to report and not be bystanders and accept it.

The Magna Carta School is really proud to have its pre-emptive anti-bullying culture firmly embedded into not only its policies but also its every day school life. We have a strong 24 student volunteer team of anti-bullying ambassadors who everyday give up their lunchtimes to be a friendly face for students, someone any student can approach with a problem of bullying, someone who will listen and take action immediately by getting the incident reported.

The Magna Carta School has had quite a year in being recognised for its anti-bullying work. This involved a visit to No.10 Downing Street where special mention was made of the anti-bullying work being carried out in the school and via the Diana Award charity. Signed certificates by the Prime Minister himself, were given to each of our ambassadors, recognising them as Anti-bullying champions.

Last week, we also had a visit from SKY News, who gave fantastic international coverage of the school as an example of leaders in anti-bullying strategies and effective pre-emptive work.

Finally, for the second year running, one of very own anti-bullying ambassadors has been proudly representing our school and the Diana Award in both the Houses of Parliament and at the European Parliament. Lewis Hickmott, who is the Deputy Chair and sits on the National Youth Board for the Diana Award, has been actively campaigning to Senior MPs about what a ‘safe cyber-space’ looks like to him.