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Alex’s Success Story

Alex Liddiard was awarded the Year 10 Maths Award in 2012 and was described as an “Exceptional Mathematician”, he did extremely well in his GCSEs in June 2013, gaining 6 A* and 4 A grades. He gained 100% marks in his GCSE Mathematics and received recognition for this from The Magna Carta Maths department. Alex started at Strode’s College in September 2013 and studied 4 AS Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computing. Despite being flooded and having to live away from his home for 5 months, Alex somehow managed to keep focused on his studies.

In October 2014 Alex applied through UCAS to Cambridge University for a chance to study a Mathematics (with Physics) degree and was invited to attend an interview at Girton College, University of Cambridge, on 9th December 2014. On 10th January 2015 Alex’s dream came true, he received that chance of a lifetime offer to study at Cambridge; he was offered a place at Churchill College who had chosen him!

No one in Alex’s immediate family has been to University or even applied to one before.

Alex was not born into a privileged background and he has worked incredibly hard to gain his place at Cambridge. Alex would like to send words of encouragement to other students at State run schools. If they are high achievers at school and are genuinely devoted to a particular subject at school or college, don’t let their financial background hold them back. You don’t have to born into a rich family to make it to Cambridge or Oxford University. You just need to be rich in brain power, enthusiasm and commitment!