Parent Teacher Student Association

At the beginning of 2018, a group of parents agreed to resurrect the PTSA in response to the funding situation surrounding our schools.  We felt that most parents would love to invest either their time or their resources back into our school to improve the facilities available to the students.  Our aim is to fundraise through the school using fun activities, which involve the students and parents alike.

Our first project is the refurbishment of the T1 Drama room, which will cost circa £11000, we have raised just over £2,200 towards this.

Technical refurbishment of T.1. Drama

Room T1 is the schools main Drama space, providing both a rehearsal room as well as a small performance area.

Over the years much has been done to make this a creative and stimulating space leading to many memorable examination performances by our students.

However, over time the technical infrastructure has not kept pace with developments in modern theatre and consequently the learning requirements of our students are being regularly compromised. Additionally, the old lighting units currently in place came second-hand from a local theatre and are not really suited to a low ceiling studio.

Students, many of whom are considering a career in the theatre industry, cannot now rely on any of the sound and light systems working effectively, (if at all on some occasions!), and so it is time to undertake a complete refurbishment of these essential facilities.

As we are a fledgling group we have focused our activities to smaller more manageable events such as Quiz nights and utilised passive fundraising options like and the 1215 club. We have also promoted the school within the community at several local events such as the Magna Carta Fair in Egham .

Our aim for the next school year is to begin hosting larger events with greater involvement of students and teachers.

How to support us

We are a small friendly, welcoming group and would love it if more parents would volunteer to help with our planned activities through the year.  Don’t worry you won’t be press ganged into taking on a major role but we would love to share with you, the activities we are planning and maybe there will be something, no matter how small, you could do to help us.  Many hands definitely make light work.

Alternatively you can support us by sending in raffle donations or supporting our events directly.

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