Induction Day - June 2017

Having completed their SATs, the end of June brings excitement and anticipation about moving on to their new secondary school. We are delighted to welcome our new cohort of students to The Magna Carta School for Induction Day and look forward to seeing them all in September.

The Induction Day itself is designed to build on the visits to primary schools and STEM work made throughout the year - all of which are designed to help remove fear and instil excitement about their next step on the educational journey. I have tailored the day to closely mirror a ‘normal’ school day so students get a better feel about what to expect when they arrive for their first day.

We start with a welcome assembly and tutor time so they can meet their new tutor and start to make new friends before they have three lessons; Geography (erupting volcanoes), French or Spanish and Computing (coding with the help of Disney’s Moana).

After an early lunch and a first experience of the school canteen, students take part in an ‘option’ lesson. At Primary school, most pupils spend the day with the same form group, often in the same classroom, whereas at Secondary school, students move from class to class and are usually in different groups depending upon the subjects they have and ability setting. To give them a taste of mixing with students from other classes, I created the option lesson. The option lesson allowed students to pick from Athletics, Boot Camp Fitness, Dance, Drama, Food Technology, Murder Mystery Puzzle-Solving and Orienteering.

Every year we aim to see students leave in the afternoon, smiling, with the vast majority saying they are excited and that any nerves about joining in September had gone. To me, this is exactly what Induction Day should do; remove fear about making their next step on their educational journey.

In the evening, parents and carers have the opportunity to meet the tutors while myself and the Headteacher provide an introduction to the school. There is also a whole host of useful information available about uniform, buses, lockers and our cashless canteen.

To help support your child ahead of September, I have put together a parent guide to help prompt you and guide you. I have also provided a downloadable version of the Transition Project for this summer’s induction - brain training ahead of the new academic year.

Parent Guide

Transition Project

If you have any further questions, please email us at

Mark Rose
Lead on Transition