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Student leadership and responsibility are encouraged at the The Magna Carta School through a variety of activities and a well-represented student council. We call this ‘Student Voice’.

All students are invited to take up a position on the Student Voice Committee through an application process. Additional student members from TMCS Wellbeing Ambassadors, Anti-bullying Ambassadors and the Prefect body are invited to join.

The Student Voice Committee mirrors TMCS Governing Sub-Committees with representatives attached to Safeguarding & Inclusion, Teaching & Learning and Resources sub-committees. Representatives meet regularly throughout the school year to speak on behalf of their peers about their ideas on how we can improve our school. They also have the opportunity to meet with their corresponding sub-committees to give feedback on their projects.

‘Student Voice’ is important because it provides the student body with a forum where their needs are listened to and understood, and where they are actively encouraged to take on responsibility and leadership.

Students also have the opportunity to become the sports representative for their tutor group. Responsibilities include organising house teams for inter-house activities and encouraging students to participate and support their peers.