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Head Teacher's Welcome

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is where to send your child to school. At The Magna Carta School we know that children thrive in a safe, supportive environment where they are challenged to do their best.

The Magna Carta School is a high-achieving school of 1250 students. We are proud of our history of success and of our reputation within the wider community. The school is well known as a place of excellence and we are very proud of our academic, sporting, artistic and community achievements.

Our success is based on a commitment to personal growth and a desire to meet the needs of individual students. It is built on core values of Respect, Learn, Aspire, Achieve.

A good school with overwhelming support from parents and the community – Celebrating our Ofsted report from July 2013

We sustain our success, because the following foundations are in place:

• Shared Values

• Highly effective pastoral system and House structure that build the good relationships necessary for achievement

• High expectations of academic progress

• Effective partnership with parents and local, national and international communities

• High quality teaching and support by a dedicated and well-informed staff

• Well maintained buildings and resources that enhance learning

• A flexible curriculum that meets the needs of all students and a commitment to innovation.

Our profile has qualified us to adopt Academy Status (2011) which affords us independence and additional resources. Such success is built on strong partnership and we have collaborated with our partner primary schools to create a highly effective North Runnymede Learning Partnership (NRLP).

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are never satisfied and a systematic approach to development means we can attract and retain the best teachers and support staff who want to create the best opportunities for students to succeed.

May I extend a warm invitation to visit our school and experience the ‘buzz’ of learning in a vibrant community.

Tim Smith



The headteacher and the senior leadership team have a clear vision for the direction of the school. Their actions have brought about improvements to standards of teaching and students’ achievements and they have the ambition to take them to the very highest levels Ofsted July 2013